While Fortnite is thought of as a battle royale experience first and foremost, it’s also a platform for reaching millions upon millions of people. Plenty of developers have used Fortnite to create content that aims to educate rather than entertain, including ‘March Through Time,’ an interactive exhibit that detailed the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr..

Developer Luc Bernard also sees Fortnite as a unique way to teach people about real-life events, which is why he set out to create an experience that details the Holocaust. Bernard is no stranger to this topic, as he created The Light and the Darkness, a free historical game on the same topic Holocaust.

According to Bernard, roughly 80 percent of people have never visited a Holocaust museum in real life. Creating something like a Holocaust museum in Fortnite can give people an opportunity they might not otherwise get, or even consider. Along with that, Bernard sees this digital Holocaust museum as a way to reach a younger audience and inform them on this tragic part of history.

Bernard is hard at work on this digital Holocaust museum, which should be launching sometime in the near future. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s live, and you’ll be able to access it by using the map code 4491-8501-3730.


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