Everyone knows that flying can bring with it a range of feelings, including boredom. Sometimes a flight can feel like torture, as you’re stuck sitting in the same place with nothing to do for a long stretch of time. If you happen to be flying on Singapore Airlines, you’ll soon have at least one more option to keep you entertained.

Singapore Airlines’ in-flight magazine has just revealed that those traveling with their fleet can look forward to watching The Super Mario Bros. Movie as in-flight entertainment. The film will be added to the airline’s entertainment options, and best of all, this comes at no additional charge. You can just sit back in your seat, fire up the TV on the headrest in front of you, and watch away!

Sure, watching a movie on a flight might not be the best way to take in the experience, but it beats staring ahead blankly for hours on end, or trying to get some rest while crammed in with strangers!

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11M ago

That's ok I guess, now if they gave a real leaf power up that let you fly....