The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom came out back in May of this year, and leading up to the game’s launch we saw Nintendo file a variety of trademarks for aspects of the game. You’d think all that kind of paperwork would have been long done by now, but it seems Nintendo still has some other elements of Tears of the Kingdom they want to lock down as proprietary.

A newly-discovered round of patents has popped up from Nintendo, and they all seem to appy to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. From July 10th and August 4th alone, Nintendo locked down 32 patents, 31 of which appear to be tied to Tears of the Kingdom. Here’s a quick breakdown of what Nintendo saw fit to patent.

  • Ultrahand and Fuse
  • Riju’s remote lightning attack
  • calculations performed while Link rides on top of object
  • mechanic that prevents Link from grabbing an object he is on top of using Ultrahand
  • the brief loading sequence that commences when using fast travel

Some find Nintendo’s patents to be a bit excessive, and there might be some validity to that. According to research by Automaton-Media, Nintendo’s patents had been cited as grounds for rejection of other companies’ patents in 180 cases during 2022.

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