Ninjala Conjures Up a Magical Season 14, Starting Today

New weapons, more collabs, and fresh features

10 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Beginning today, Ninjala is casting a spell on players with a wizardry-themed Season 14 featuring magical items. This bewitching season will introduce special gum weapons and avatar items, and players can enjoy various events until these spellbinding festivities end on November 22.

Season 14 Features

Animalistic Gum Weapons: Players can bring out their inner animal with two weapons: the crustaceous Punch type gum weapon, Chelae Magnum, and the flamingo-inspired Hammer type gum weapon, Flamitango.

Chelae Magnum’s Gum Shoot ability, Gum Kunai, can launch multiple kunai as a diversion to set up an attack. The crab claw-inspired weapon’s Gum Ninjutsu is Punishing Blade. This ability transforms the two claws into a single blade that shoots a wave of gum as players attack. The weapon’s Special Overflowing Power will temporarily strengthen attacks and abilities such as Life Recovery.

Flamitango’s Gum Shoot ability, Gum Boomerang, will return to players after they throw it. With the Special Echoing Scream, this weapon can stop opponents in their tracks. Players can use the Gum Ninjutsu Baiting Shark to summon a shark from a scroll to attack.

Events Galore: A special WNA Tours Unlimited tournament will be introduced with no level limits to Research Points and Assist Codes. Additionally, players can look forward to numerous events across Season 14, including: a Featured Battle, Shinobi Challenges, a Fishing Tournament, and more. Details for each event will be announced throughout the season.

Season 14 Release Celebration Campaign: During this season’s Loot Battle Matsuri and Burton’s Research Bonus, players will receive more rewards than usual, including additional Assist Codes and Research Points.

Picturesque Screenshots: Players can now capture screenshots of their favorite stages free of UI. Season 14 introduces the option to hide the UI in Training Mode and at the WNA Resort. Players can also hide the Gum Bottle in Room Battles, Training Mode, and while at the WNA Resort.

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