Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission will be available September 28th, 2023 on Switch both digitally and physically. Ahead of that release, a soundtrack sample has been shared for the game and you can give it a listen above.

Microids and studio Magic Pockets take players to the tropical island of Maupiroa with a first trailer for Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission. Accompanied by the dolphin Keanu, players will explore Maupiroa’s seabed and meet its inhabitants, while helping a local environmental association to save the island and restore its abundant ecosystem.

Throughout their discoveries, players will complete their codex, a research notebook that records the missions they have been given as well as instructive information about the island’s flora and fauna. The codex also includes an environmental section detailing the causes and consequences of pollution on the wilderness and suggesting practical ways of preserving it.

Your journey on Maupiroa will not be easy! However, you can count on your grandfather and the locals to help you in your quest to save the island from destruction. Embark on a fantastic adventure and immerse yourself in the heritage of your ancestors to unlock the secrets of the magical totems. Discover the hidden treasures of underwater life with your sidekick Keanu the dolphin. Take part in the conservation missions of the local association and take photos of the island’s wildlife to complete your codex. Marvel at the rich marine ecosystem and learn how to preserve it. Use your power to help the endangered marine life.

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