If you find yourself shipwrecked on a far away, uncharted planet in Pikmin 4, you can always rely on the Rescue Corps to come to your aid! Join Nintendo as they follow the daily routine of their newest recruit, a rookie Rescue Officer, to learn how castaways are rescued.

In this line of work, Rescue Corps Officers need to be prepared for anything! Our rookie starts their day with a spot of training with the Rescue Pup, then prepping the equipment and items they’ll need in case of an emergency.

First order of business: explore and investigate the area where the S.O.S. Signal originated, together with the Pikmin and Oatchi. However, crossing rivers can be a tad tricky for certain types of Pikmin. Good thing our rookie brought along some Ice Pikmin, as their extremely cold bodies can freeze the water’s surface. Now everyone can cross the river safely!

You can read through Nintendo’s full feature on the Rescue Corps here.

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