RedDeer.Games has announced that the release date of its upcoming exotic pet care simulator game, Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet, is on August 25th, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch.

In Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet – this adorable retro styled game, inspired by the Japanese hit Tamagotchi, players will surround with their care a flock of lovely pets. And not just any animals, as this time they will adopt rare wild specimens.

This time, players will have a chance to prove themselves as caretakers of a wide variety of animal species. Starting with a dinosaur, through other reptiles, mammals, birds and even plants and others – everybody will find their most favorite animal.

Players will have to demonstrate their competency and multitasking. They will need to look after the pet in real time, so that none of its needs are neglected, as this will have negative consequences for its health and happiness.

A well-kept and contented animal will grow up faster, and the players will then be able to adopt another one, so that his cute exotic family will continue to expand. For additional fun, players can play a variety of mini-games.


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