Precision puzzler 'Reflectile' seeing Switch release

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14 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, developer Matter Games is bringing Reflectile to the Switch. There’s no price point or release date for the title just yet, but hopefully that information will become available soon.

Reflectile is a minimal precision-puzzle game that yearns for the early 2000’s era of video games. It will test your ability to cut corners, squeeze through tight corridors, and make split-second inputs to reach the goal of each stage. You’ll encounter stages of varying difficulty, all with unique challenges and stylish designs to boot.‏‏‎

The gameplay in Reflectile is deceptively simple: Reflect, direct, and slow down your tile to get to the end of each stage. Each world in Reflectile will have you discover and interact with different types of puzzle blocks, including bumpers, speed boosts, number tiles and many more! ‏‏‎‏ Your tile has three different speeds, slow, normal, and fast. Going fast is optimal for speedrunners or completionists, but there’s no shame in taking the game at a normal pace! Slow is great for making accurate turns through narrow corridors, pacing yourself between moving objects, giving yourself more time to think about your next move. But be careful - you can only slow down so much before you combust! ‏‏‎‏‏ All the worlds in Reflectile take place in a geometrical microcosm in which there are thriving, diverse biomes; each with their own unique aesthetic and charm. You will embark on a journey across this fascinating and enchanting digital universe by completing levels to unlock more and more worlds that you can explore and conquer. The world of Reflectile is a completionists’ dream!

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