Get ready to experience the acrobatic 2D platforming fun of Curse Crackers: For Whom the Belle Toils, coming to Nintendo Switch on August 24. Inspired by classic handheld games, Curse Crackers lets you play as Belle and her companion Chime as you jump, vault and swing your way through a vibrant game world on a quest to chase down the troublesome Bonnie and get your boyfriend back. Developed by Colorgrave, the game will be available on the Nintendo eShop for $15.

Curse Crackers lets players enjoy pure 2D platforming freedom as they explore over 50 levels in the world of Ledamra. The agile Belle can jump and bounce off enemies to reach new areas and also vault to quickly cross long distances, and she can throw her companion Chime to swing on objects or topple foes. Each level in Curse Crackers is built with replayability in mind. Players can methodically explore the levels to find secrets, or test their skills by discovering new routes to reach the goal as quickly as possible. In between levels, players can explore the overworld, take on side quests or try out minigames.

After the credits roll, Arcade Mode is unlocked, where players can enjoy a different play experience with nine levels of difficulty. The entire game presentation harkens back to classic handheld games with chunky yet expressive sprites and an energetic retro-inspired soundtrack. Curse Crackers first launched on PC in 2022 and has earned a 97% positive rating from players on Steam.

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