Class is in session! To celebrate the Back to School season, we’ve added the new Librarian Mirage Skin to Mallhalla. A former student of Thoth, the god of wisdom, when she’s not helping the next generation seek knowledge, she’s playing Eternal Sports in the Grand Tournament!

Back to School 2023 also features 13 additional Skins, like Brawldog Mordex & Hall Minotaur Teros, the exclusive Home Team Cheer Emote, Avatars, Colors, and a new Title Reward at login!

After class, you can participate in extracurriculars like Volleybrawl Duos, featured as the Brawl of the Week! Pair up and work as a team to spike the ball and score the most points to win!

The Incarnates continue to fight back against Loki and his shady experiments in Battle Pass Season 8: Terminus. Missions for week 2 include “Win 1v1 matches” and “ Get KOs with different types of Gravity-canceled Signatures”. Complete missions to earn Gems to unlock rewards!

You can find the full patch notes for the Back to School season here.

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