Publisher RedDeer.Games is bringing Cat’s Cosmic Atlas to the Switch today. The title is priced at $20 and takes up 2.1 GB of space.

Embrace the wonders of the night sky alongside an adorable kitten named Fellie. Gaze upon the stars and other celestial bodies. Cat’s Cosmic Atlas takes you through the Southern and Northern skies. Experience the most beautiful sights and learn a thing or two about the vast Universe that surrounds us.


Immerse in the captivating picture book style, combining whimsical illustrations with the celestial magic of stars and planets. The game aesthetic draws inspiration from classic children’s literature, creating an enchanting world you WANT to explore.


Educational values are seamlessly woven into the experience. Expand your knowledge about other worlds and stars. Learn fascinating facts about each celestial body you encounter. Earn badges to keep up with your discoveries.


Choose what interests you the most and pursue the stars. Travel through our Solar System or stroll along the Southern and Northern sky. Your journey into space starts now!

Key Features:

  • A picture book aesthetic
  • Interactive learning experience
  • Nonlinear exploration
  • An adorable kitten
  • You can even pet her!
  • Relaxing music

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