Kasedo Games and developer Beard Envy have announced that the roguelite spaceship repair simulator, Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop, will land on Nintendo Switch next year.

Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop is a hilarious repair sim with ultra-tactile mechanics and a roguelite format that challenges you to fix spaceships on an asteroid-bound service station.

Compared to TV shows such as Rick & Morty and Adventure Time for its quirky and colourful art style, a new trailer has been released for Uncle Chops’ Rocket Shop showing off its unique aesthetic, dark humour and tactile gameplay via a selection of various in-game repairable modules.

About the game:

Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop will cast you as Wilbur, a vest wearing Fox, who carves out a paltry living as a mechanic, repairing as many ships as he can to afford the ever-rising rent payments to his tyrannical boss, Uncle Chop.

With a range of tools, diagnostic devices, parts and workshop appliances, Wilbur will need to correct faults in the modules of procedurally generated spaceships, based on brand specific manuals which will be acquired along the way. From simple refuel jobs to total mechanical overhauls, you will need to frantically fumble, slice, loosen, tighten, grab and drop and try to complete as many jobs as possible within each daily time limit.


Clock in, think fast, work faster and pay the ever escalating bills forcing you to take on more audacious and risky jobs from a diverse range of oddballs.

Speaking of a diverse range of oddballs, join our Discord & Twitter community to keep up with all things Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop related.


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