Earlier this week, Nintendo opened the floodgates on what’s next for Splatoon 3. Kids and squids everywhere can look forward to ‘Drizzle Season 2023’ kicking off September 1st, 2023, but today brings us a few more tidbits on just what this update has to offer.

First off, Nintendo has given us a close look at the Dread Wringer, which is a brand-new weapon joining Splatoon 3. You can see the Dread Wringer in action above, which looks like it’ll be able to dish out some serious damage to multiple opponents. In the right hands, this weapon could easily turn the tide of battle.

Over on the Salmon Run side of things, Nintendo has also revealed that the Salmonid Smokeyard map will be making a return. With its high ground and propellervator transport system, you have to watch out for Salmonids on the far side and always deposit Golden Eggs promptly.

To go along with that map’s return, there will also be a wider selection of items available at the Grizzco rewards counter. Trade in those fish scales for new work suits, battle gear, banners, locker decorations, stickers, and more.

Finally, Nintendo has also shown off some details related to gear. The ‘Adjust Gear’ option will be added to the game, which will make things much easier when you’re trying on various items. This option will also be present in shops.

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