Bomb Rush Cyberfunk finally saw release on Switch a few day back, arriving a year later than originally anticipated. Thankfully, it appears all that extra time spent on the game has led to a very solid release across PC and Switch, and that even includes something we don’t usually see in Switch games.

While Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will run at a rock-solid 30fps with default settings, there’s actually an option to go even higher. If you go into the game’s settings, you’ll notice an option to ‘Unleash the Beast.’ Should you choose that option, the game will switch from its default 30fps mode to 60fps.

As you might expect, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk isn’t going to maintain that 60fps target the entire time you play. That’s likely why this is an included option for gameplay rather than the default. While you will indeed see long stretches of the game running in 60fps, there are times when things will drop to the 50s and 40s.

Now, whether you prefer a solid 30fps or an overall higher, but variable framerate during your gameplay session is completely up to you. Give both of them a try and see which you’d rather run with.

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