Earlier this week, SEGA confirmed that Sonic Origins would be coming to Switch on June 23rd, 2022. The game will only be offered digitally, and for some odd reason, SEGA made the purchase process as confusing as possible.


Above is the actual infographic SEGA released to show fans what content and versions will be available for Sonic Origins at launch. It’s a strange mix of content that locks random things like character animations and camera controls to specific DLC packs. There have been plenty of peculiar DLC choices over the years from companies, but SEGA really went all-out on this one.

Since that reveal, SEGA has been catching a lot of flak from gamers and Sonic fans alike. As usual, some people out there are using this situation to poke fun at SEGA and get a little clout for themselves. That’s where Devolver Digital steps in.

Devolver took to Twitter to promote one of their own games, Trek to Yomi, and they’re clearly prodding SEGA a bit with their approach. The chart offered is a 1:1 copy of what SEGA did with Sonic Origins, but their version clearly shows that all content is offered in the base game no matter what platform players purchase it on.

A snarky response to be sure, but when you’re out there trying to get people to notice your game and approach to gaming in general, capitalizing on a situation like this certainly makes sense.

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2y ago

You can pre-order the base game or the game and all the DLC.
If you pre-order you get a bonus, some of which appears will be made available in later DLC packs.
The separate DLC packs are not available to pre-order.
If you want Mirror Mode immediately -- you must pre-order as it does not appear to be in any planned DLC pack.
Many of the DLC items can be earned by playing the game, the DLC just gives quicker access.
This is way too confusing.

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