A Fire Emblem Engage manga has been running in Saikyo Jump magazine since March 2023. Those who’ve been following along with the series might be interested to know that a special collection of everything released thus far is going to see release in Japan soon.

Fire Emblem Engage manga: Vol. 1 is going to launch in Japan on Sept. 4th, 2023, and the cover art (seen above) features Alear and Marth. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact page count or price for this release, but again, it collects everything that has been shared in the series thus far.

Unfortunately, we still have no word on whether this manga series will see an official English release. Nintendo is yet to mention the manga outside of Japan, but these kind of projects do sometimes get an official localization. Keep your fingers crossed for Nintendo to surprise us all with that news in the near future.

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