Indie game publisher Leoful and Polish game developer Cave Games are pleased to announce Little Devil: Foster Mayhem, a furniture destroying stealth game, is launching today on Switch. If you buy the title before Sept. 5th, 2023, you can get 10% off the usual $15 price.

In Little Devil: Foster Mayhem, you play as a young boy exploring your foster parent’s house. Destroy furniture, assemble traps, and cause mischief throughout the house without getting caught by your foster parent. Explore and unleash mayhem on a variety of homes, complete achievements to increase your highscore, and collect secret story fragments to uncover the Little Devil’s backstory.

Destroy furniture, mess up the house, and anger your foster parents!

It can be annoying when you don’t get what you want… so why not stir up a little mayhem when no one is looking?

Take control of a young mischievous boy called Little Devil as he sneaks around the house to destroy electronics, craft traps, and spread mayhem in the lives of his foster parents. Will his actions ultimately get him what he wants in the end?

Explore your foster parents’ house to find tools and gather intel. Use a variety of everyday items to distract, disarm and delay until you’ve successfully destroyed the entirety of your foster parent’s home. Perhaps the next parent will provide a better lifestyle for you - or at least more gadgets for you to mess with!

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