Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd. (located in Tokyo, Japan) is happy to announce that the highly reviewed retro JRPG “Alterium Shift” developed by Drattzy Games LLC (Located in Minnesota, USA) will exhibit at Pax West 2023 in Seattle, WA from September 1st~4th at the Drattzy Games booth, and will be on sale for one week from day 1 of the event!

At this year’s 19th annual PAX West home show, gamers will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the highly-praised early access build of Alterium Shift—including a first look at a playable demo on the Nintendo Switch. Drattzy Games is thrilled to offer a select number of free copies to fortunate attendees from planned giveaways. Stay tuned to Drattzy Games’ social media channels for all the exciting details!

Alterium Shift is an old-school 2.5 HD pixel JRPG from game developer Drattzy Games. Explore the bonds between the main characters and how each of their unique stories affects the other as they search to discover the grand mystery of the chaos in Alteria. Explore 2 expansive worlds with baddies, big bosses, crazy abilities, secrets, puzzles, minigames, side quests, and dad jokes galore. With classic gameplay, modern 2.5 HD graphics, and a trove of callback nostalgia- filled moments, Alterium Shift is a genuine tribute to 90’s retro JRPGS.


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