After months of speculation, SEGA finally confirmed that Sonic Origins hadn’t been cancelled. We learned that the game is coming out on Switch June 23rd, 2022, and it’s packing in some nice extras for fans to enjoy.

The most interesting content discussed in the official reveal was the inclusion of missions, medallions, and the museum. In Sonic Origins, you can tackle specific missions to earn medallions. You can then cash in this medallions in-game via the vault, which will unlock extra goodies for you. The vault includes items like special screen borders and more. You can see that content in the gallery above.

Also in the gallery is a look at the museum feature. This will let you take a tour through Sonic history, and even sample some of the content from each game outside of gameplay. Of particular interest is the sound test options, which will let you listen in to select tracks from each title.

Finally, we also have a collection of character art for Sonic Origins. Included in the gallery above are classic Sonic designs from the early days, as well as a few stills from the new animated content you’ll get in Sonic Origins.

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