Sprout Valley comes to Switch on Sept. 8th, 2023

Cropping up in one week's time

28 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

RedDeer.Games, one of the biggest indie game publishers for Nintendo Switch consoles, announced the release date of the much-anticipated game – Sprout Valley on September 8 on Switch.

In Sprout Valley, a captivating pastel farming simulator, players embody Nico the cat, crafting their dream garden. Through 15+ hours of story mode, they’ll plant, make friends, explore Ostara’s enchanting landscape, and join unique events. Sprout Valley is available to be added to the Nintendo Switch Wishlist.

Players, using the available tools, will grow crops, harvest their hand-grown fruits, and gather diverse resources, which they will be able to sell. All players’ actions, and the events taking place in the game, will be influenced by the weather and day and night system.

Levels in the game are randomly generated, creating countless possible combinations. In addition, each of them has a “seed” that in the future can be shared with other players to recreate islands and share them across the player base.

The handcrafted subtle graphics will enrich the player’s experience as they unravel all the mysteries that Ostara and the surrounding islands have to offer.

In addition to bringing entertainment, Sprout Valley is a game designed to lift players’ spirits, through its unhurried rhythm and emphasis on savoring small activities like planting crops and cultivation.

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