Today, SQUARE ENIX unveiled additional information on how players can experience the epic Story Mode while playing as Dai, Popp, Maam, and Hyunckel in the upcoming action role-playing game, Infinity Strash: DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai!

In Infinity Strash: DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai, players will be able to relive portions of the DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai animated series story leading up to the battle of Sovereign Rock – offering a variety of ways for players to experience the story outside of the general gameplay.

In Story Mode, players won’t just experience thrilling battles, but can also follow the Adventure of Dai story with scenes and movies that recreate famous scenes from the animated series. Additionally in Story Mode, the further the story progresses, the fiercer the battles against the Dark Army will become.

With the “Storyteller” difficulty level available, players are offered a lower difficulty in order to experience a less difficult and more story-focused action adventure.

To combat the fiercest battles against the Dark Army, players will be able to enhance each of the four heroes using the power of the bonds between them!

Introducing this game’s unique character enhancement mechanic: Bond Memories

The Bond Memories uses famous scenes from the DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai comic book, while training up the disciples of Avan to secure victory in the testing battles to come!  New Memories can be obtained by progressing through Story Mode or by tackling the Temple of Recollection.

Equipping memories to a character will improve their capabilities in varying ways, while more memories can be equipped simultaneously as a character levels up. Silver, Gold, and Platinum rarities, with effects becoming more potent as you approach Platinum. Platinum Bond Memories have unique effects!

Some of the Bond Memories that will appear in the game and the enhancement characters will receive include:

A Sliver of Pride

  • The scene where Popp responds to Crocodine’s question at Romos Castle.
  • This memory increases a character’s magic related stats.

The Thirst for Victory

  • A quote from Flazzard that sums up his ultimate goal of victory at all costs.
  • This memory mainly enhances a character’s physical attacking abilities.

Dai’s Air Slash

  • This scene shows Dai using the special the Avan Style Sword Technique, “Air Slash”.
  • This memory enhances the damage dealt by abilities and increases the power of the “Air Slash” move itself.

Justice Itself is My Enemy

  • This frame shows Hyunckel telling how he became disillusioned with justice and fostered hatred in his heart.
  • It is a superior level memory that increases a character’s HP and defence characteristics to make them tougher.

Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch™️ version will be available at a later date. Players who pre-order or pre-purchase the game will also receive Dai’s special outfit “Legendary Hero” and the Bond Memory “The Hero’s Tutor.”

Fans who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will also receive the full game and the following bonus items:

Popp’s special outfit: “Legendary Mage – Popp Outfit” based on the Mage from Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.

Maam’s special outfit: “Legendary Priest – Maam Oufit (Warrior Priest)” based on the Priest from Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.

Maam’s special outfit: “Legendary Martial Artist – Maam Outfit (Martial Artist)” based on the Martial Artist from Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.

Hyunckel’s special outfit: “Legendary Swordsman – Hyunckel Outfit (Dark Armour Blade)” based on the Swordsman from Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen.

Hyunckel’s special outfit: “Legendary Warrior - Hyunckel Outfit (Dark Armour Spear)” based on the Warrior from Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.

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