Time Flies was announced for Switch back in 2022, and we’ve been waiting ever since to get our hands on the game. Unfortunately, we still have a decent amount of time to wait, as today it’s been revealed that Time Flies isn’t launching until an unspecified date in 2024. Along with that, we’ve learned that Panic has picked up publishing duties on the title.

In Time Flies, you’re a fly - your life is short, but your bucket list is long! Learn an instrument, read a book, become rich, get drunk, or make someone smile. And if you don’t feel like pursuing your goals, you can just relax, clean your wings, and listen to music. Make the best of the time you have left, because we’re all going to die.


  • Explore a painstakingly hand-drawn, densely detailed world
  • Dozens of unique and obscure goals to accomplish
  • Numerous intriguing ways to die
  • Grimly variable life expectancy based on player location
  • Delightfully accurate fly physics
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