Holstin 'Combat Gameplay Reveal' Trailer

Welcome to Double Mountains

31 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Polish developer Sonka previously announced that their psychological horror survival game Holstin is heading to Switch. There’s no word on price point or release date at this time, but a lengthy gameplay video focused on combat has been shared. You can check that out above.

Holstin is set in an eerie, isolated 90’s Polish lakeside town in which an ominous presence has slowly enveloped everything and everyone. A close colleague of yours came here, looking for answers to a newspaper story. But after a series of incoherent and troubling messages, all contact was lost. Now you need to venture into this psyche-shattering town to find out the truth and the fate of your friend.

The game is heavily inspired by the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series with the narrative team aiming for a darker Twin Peaks feel.

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