Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot, the rogue-lite battler starring a sentient slime monster hellbent on destruction from developer Konfa Games and publisher tinyBuild, delivered a new gameplay trailer at The MIX Showcase today.

When human mass production takes a wrong turn, the artificial intelligence known as d’Spot accidently creates a self-aware, diabolical slime. Ready to ensnare the world in chaos, set on a path of complete destruction to avenge the millions of puny humans d’Spot killed for its twisted games.

Embody the powers that come from being a gelatinous gooey mess: bulldoze through robots, humans, and monsters, take advantage of digesting their corpses to create nutritional meat piles, and kill everything on site.

Use the AI wits that come from being an artificial self-aware blob: take advantage of the environments by sloshing through grates, touch Tesla amplifiers to gain shockingly powerful electrical abilities, and set up crafty traps to outsmart those delicious meat bags.   Take the slimy rampage up a notch with clever rogue-lite decision making and reward the carnage by unlocking access to a variety of mankind destroying weapons to unleash devastating cataclysmic destruction.

Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot comes to Switch later in 2023.

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