30XX, the sequel to Batterystaple Games’ MegaRoguelite platformer 20XX which has been enjoyed by more than 4 million action heroes, readies its buster for launch on Nintendo Switch today.

Awaken from a thousand-year slumber after the events of 20XX as super-powered protagonists Nina and Ace. Fight for their future to discover the fate of a fragile world, and save what remains of it.

Rise, fight, fall, and adapt in the roguelite Standard Mode, or make death a mere setback in the permadeath-free Mega Mode, both supporting single player and local or online co-op. Blast away robotic baddies with Nina’s N-Buster, or slice up mechanical menaces with Ace’s A-Saber throughout randomly generated levels, collecting special weapon upgrades and hidden Techniques and Augments for mega bonus damage and satisfying, fluid movement.

Build a brutal buster by finding and combining any of Nina’s 21 Buster Mods to create bouncing wall-splitters, giant shotgun blasts, rapid-fire death spirals, and whatever the mind can cook up. Embrace Nina’s Power Fusion and fuse hard-won Boss Powers into even more elaborate abilities for endless discovery. Chain Ace’s powerful techniques together, getting up close and personal with the Dolomite Link grapplewhip, then decimating surrounding enemies with the energy scythe Thanatos’ spinning mid-air swing.

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