Following yesterday’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, Nintendo has shared a special feature on their Japanese website that shares a few more details on the fun you can expect from Mario’s next big 2D adventure.

Nintendo covers multiple aspects of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, including story, levels, mechanics and more. You can read a breakdown of the topics discussed below. We’ve tried to keep the notes to just new information, or info from yesterday’s presentation that’s now been expanded upon.


  • the game starts with Mario & more attending a Flower Kingdom party held by Prince Florian
  • Bowser crashes the party to steal a Wonder Flower (a flower that has special powers)
  • Bowser ends up merging with Prince Florian’s castle, which gives him special abilities
  • Bowser Jr. also ends up getting transformed

Flower Kingdom

  • the Flower Kingdom is made up of the Flower Islands
  • there are six worlds in the Flower Kingdom
  • W1: Pipe-Rock Plateau
  • W2: Fluff-Puff Peaks
  • W3: Shining Falls
  • levels in the Flower Kingdom feature a difficulty rating

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