Nintendo Live 2023 is going on right now, and Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser is roaming the halls. IGN was lucky enough to catch some time with the man himself, and they asked him a litany of questions. One of those questions pertained to the decision for Charles Martinet to step away from voicing Mario, and Bowser was quite measured in his response.

If you wanted some more details on why Maritnet is moving into a new role or who is taking on the voice of Mario going forward, you’re not going to get them from Bowser. As usual, Doug uses Nintendo’s infamous PR approach to say a bunch of stuff without saying anything at all. The best tidbit we hear is that if we’re going to learn about why Maritnet is no longer voicing Mario, it’ll come from Martinet himself.

You can see Bowser’s full response to the question below.

Well, Charles has obviously been a voice actor with us for quite some time, and as we look for ways to keep Charles involved in Nintendo’s business, we thought this was a very nice transition for him. And Charles is very excited about it. I’ll let Charles speak to it himself if he’d like to, but we look forward to having him continue to represent Nintendo and importantly the Mushroom Kingdom as we go forward.

I think people have recognized this when they see Super Mario Bros. Wonder, they’ll hear a different voice and we’ll let that play out and that’ll be within the credits, and people will learn who the new person is at that point in time, but we don’t plan to make any announcement in advance of that.


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