Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been the talk of the town ever since Nintendo hosted a Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct last week. That presentation gave us 15 minutes of gameplay and details on Mario’s next big adventure, but it also marked the opening of the floodgates for even more information.

Following the Direct, Nintendo started sharing info on Super Mario Bros. Wonder everywhere. The game’s official website opened, Nintendo’s developers started doing interviews, hands-on impressions came out from the press, and Nintendo even surprised Nintendo Live 2023 show-goers with a public demo.

If you haven’t had enough Super Mario Bros. Wonder coverage yet, we’ve got one more piece for you. In the video below, we hear a special message from Nintendo’s Takashi Tezuka and Shiro Mouri, the producer and director on Suepr Mario Bros. Wonder. While they don’t share anything new on the game, it’s still nice to hear them talking about the title and showing obvious excitement. Check out their video message below.

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