Sadly, today was the final day of Nintendo Live 2023, but there was still plenty of fun for fans to enjoy in the final hours. While plenty of people attended the event in-person, millions more didn’t have the same opportunity. The good news is that we’ve got some footage to recap the biggest events!

First up, the top 4 teams from the online Splatoon 3 Championship 2023 Qualifier tournament faced off in the Splatoon 3 Championship 2023. This was held on the Competitive Stage at Nintendo Live 2023 on Monday, September 4, 2023. Tune in and see how things played out!

Not much of a tournament person? Well, how about a musical performance featuring tunes from the Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises? The video above gives us 25+ minutes of game soundtrack greatest, giving you the chance to hear orchestral versions of the following tunes:

  • 0:00 Tears of the Kingdom
  • 4:18 Skyward Sword
  • 5:52 Ocarina of Time
  • 8:15 Breath of the Wild
  • 10:05 Zelda Medley
  • 14:00 Kakariko Village
  • 16:55 Zelda theme, baby! + Link to the Past
  • 21:14 Mario Theme
  • 22:26 Super Mario Galaxy: Gusty Gardens

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