Home to Rocket League’s opening day, Neo Tokyo’s megalithic tech scene and neon-soaked cityscape make for a landmark Arena setting. But fanged rumors lurk amongst the roots of these glittering towers. Notorious hacktivist Zero-Day has gained access to the city’s digital infrastructure, and although their motives remain unclear, the city’s underbelly buzzes with anticipation of what’s to come.

How will you survive this world of digital disruption? Override your Garage with the Porsche 911 Turbo, go incognito with Rocket Pass rewards, and play Soccar in Zero-Day’s corrupted vision of Neo Tokyo.

Season 12 begins on September 6, no password required!


One of the most recognizable silhouettes in sports car history is coming to Rocket League: the Porsche 911 Turbo. This high-class powerhouse has both the style and the speed needed to create a legendary name for itself. Porsche celebrates their 75th anniversary this year, and the 911 is a timeless example of the automaker’s beloved designs.

You’ll instantly unlock the in-game Porsche 911 Turbo when you purchase Rocket Pass Premium, but once you’ve tiered up a little, you’ll also earn a version that can only be described as a wild, wide-bodied beast. The Porsche 911 Turbo RLE boasts super-sized fenders, an eye-catching lip splitter, and a stylish LED car logo on the rear. Even the turbo’s famous tea tray spoiler receives a mammoth upgrade! Whichever ride you choose, both cars use the Dominus Hitbox and will keep you cruising with a high-speed connection.


With scavenging smugglers roaming the web, you’ll need to upgrade your car to ride out the night. Luckily, this Season’s Rocket Pass Premium has got you covered.

All your halo are belong to us! The Hacked Halo Topper adds a holographic vibe to your car without blocking much vis, perfect for sweaty circuit breakers on the move. You could also get your hands on some vintage tech with the CRT Avatar Border! No next-gen enhancements here, just analog electronics and old-school cool.

Already got your presets locked down? Try a new Paint Finish for Season 12! The Bubblewrap, Keyboard, and Pixel Paint Finishes will all give your ride a subtly different look without replacing the Items you love.

Transform the Arena into your personal computer paradise with Zero’s World—Rocket League’s newest takeover Goal Explosion. The effects of takeover Goal Explosions will cover the entire Arena whenever you score.

Sick and tired of living under our neuralwave sentinel overlords? Show your allegiance to all of car-kind with Zero-Day’s Badbeat Antenna, Zero-Day Player Banner, and Zero-Day Topper hologram. Grab an InfoSec Boost and you can start blasting corrupted data out into the Arena. Be careful though—your safety is null and void once you’ve accepted Zero-Day’s terms of service.


For years, the name Zero-Day was spoken only in the deepest corners of the web. That all changed when a massive data flood hijacked the city’s firewall matrix, plastering Zero-Day’s masked face across thousands of screens. These hijacked holograms have even transformed the local Soccar spot into Neo Tokyo (Hacked) Arena.


It’s one thing to break through a Hyper-Aether Digiwrath MKIV security system, but can you score on an open net? Prove your talent in the Arena by earning this Season’s Tournament Rewards!

Rep your last-legs gaming rig by rocking the Toasted Antenna, or doodle all over your car with the Doodled Octane Decal. Looking to mix clean with chrome? We’ve got you covered there too. The five-spoked Sabr-619 Wheels pair a metallic shine with slick treads and just a hint of color. The Sabr-619: Inverted Wheels will level up your look even further if you prefer to go full flashy flash.

If you’re really lucky, you might even land one of this Season’s Black Market items. The universal Hypno-Web Decal is an android’s dream, wrapping your car in the newest encryption technology (aka an awesome-looking electric shield!) You could also land a Twisted Tornado Goal Explosion, perfect for blowing the competition away.


You’re going to need the right ride in this city, and picking up an item pack is a great way to enhance your Garage. The Rookie Pack comes with a Purple Tygris Car, a futuristic set of Black Finny Wheels, and much more!

If you wanna boost your look even further, the Elite Pack offers up slick, color-coordinated gear. The Fennec Car, Quimby Wheels, and Blazer Trail all come in Forest Green, while the Neo Thermal Boost comes in Black. Also in Black, you’ll get the animated Wet Paint Decal. This Black Market item is a universal Decal and can be applied to any unbranded car in your Garage.


Neo Tokyo isn’t the only thing that’s been breached. Sprinkled throughout Zero-Day’s messages, a couple of clues have been decrypted by a nearby grey topper org. It appears as though one of Neo Tokyo’s most infamous tuner crews is planning to reopen the Aftermarket Item Shop Tab. There were also scattered hints suggesting this year’s Halloween celebrations will be something to remember. Keep your ear to the ground—we’ll be cracking more of Zero-Day’s code soon!

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