Super Mario-themed potato chips now available in Japan

Mario's looking like a snack

06 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

The Mario brand is no stranger to food collaborations. There have been countless snacks and treats plastered with Mario’s face, with the current OREO partnership being just one example. Now we have yet another brand tie-up for Mario, and this one has just launched in Japan.

Nintendo and Yamazaki Biscuit Company have signed a deal to release Mario-themed potato chips. The brand of chip, known as Chip Star, will offer twelve different designs featuring Mario characters. You can see the lineup of chips and characters below.

  • Mario Salt Small, Large
  • Peach Salt Small, Large
  • Bowser Consommé Small, Large
  • Luigi Salted Seaweed Small, Large
  • Yoshi Sour Cream and Onion Small
  • Toads Butter Soy Sauce Small
  • Super Star Mario Salted Shrimp (red) Small
  • Super Star Mario Seaweed Shrimp (green) Small

Along with that, two pieces of Chip Star x Super Mario Bros. merch will be up for grabs through a special lottery, with 2,500 winners getting either a “Big Star Cushion Set (A Grade)” or an original shoulder bag (B Grade).

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10M ago

Okay but for real, butter soy sauce is a great flavor and I'd love to see it in a chip here in the States.