Pokémon Masters EX’s Four-Year Anniversary is under way and the villain arc is finally reaching its grand conclusion. Paulo and Tina have come a long way as Trainers, and they and their Pokémon partners are now available to scout as sync pairs for the first time! Some of the worst minds behind Team Rocket are also making debuts, including a new sync pair featuring none other than the boss himself, Giovanni.

The co-op battle villain event “Stop the Evil Mastermind!” is also live in conjunction with the conclusion of the villain arc. You can battle alongside players across the world and take on special missions that unlock during the event period to earn amazing rewards, including a Strike Move Candy Coin, a Support Move Candy Coin, a Tech Move Candy Coin, and a Team Rocket Executive Scout Ticket. This ticket can be used to randomly team up with either Archer & Houndoom, Ariana & Arbok, Petrel & Weezing, or Proton & Golbat.

For even more details on the conclusion of the villain arc, you can check out a special feature here.

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