Koei Tecmo releasing life-size Atelier Sophie 2 statue for over $33k

Hmmm...a collectible statue or a year's worth of living?

25 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Consider yourself a big fan of Atelier Sophie 2? How much spare change do you have laying around? I sure hope it’s a ton, as Koei Tecmo would love to have you part with a considerable amount of it!

Koei Tecmo has revealed a life-size statue for Atelier Sophie 2’s Sophie Neuenmuller, and this release is priced at a whopping $33,570. Not surprisingly, these statues will be made to order. Koei Tecmo wants to see who actually purchases these before they crank out a ton of unsold statues.

Oh, did we mention that the $33k version of this statue is just the standard version? There’s actually a limited version that will be even more expensive! For nearly $42k, you can pick up a version of the statue that has a more elaborate background. This one will only be available to purchase through an officially-run lottery.

These life-size Sophie statues will only ship to Japan and China. I’m guessing those with at least $33k to blow on a statue can also find a pricey way to have one of these shipped to their home outside of those regions.


Finally, for those of us with shallow pockets, a miniaturized 1/7 scale figure of the same statue is being produced. These will be priced at $187 and will ship worldwide. These figures are set to ship sometime after July 18th, 2022, as that’s when pre-orders close.

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2y ago

"Consider yourself a big fan of Atelier Sophie 2?"

No, not in the slightest. And I'd rather spend the money on a year of living. It's not worth $33,750 in my opinion. Maybe there's loaded millionaires and billionaires who can throw money around like it's nothing and like the series. To me, this is a bit similar to how mobile games companies try to go after "whales".