Digital Schoolhouse (DSH) have partnered with Nintendo UK to launch the Digital Schoolhouse Splatoon 3 Tournament, revolutionising computing education in schools across the UK.

The Digital Schoolhouse Splatoon 3 Tournament is open to students aged 12-18. Students take on real-life games industry roles to whittle down hopeful players in their school to a team of four, who will then do battle with other schools in the regional and national qualifiers ahead of the Grand Final.

Now in its seventh iteration, the programme has reached over 30,000 students in schools and colleges across the UK.

With technological advances rapidly changing how we learn and work, the Digital Schoolhouse Splatoon 3 Tournament is helping to build the next generation of creative computing talent, today. The tournament teaches students vital skills such as communication, team working and problem solving which are highly sought after in today’s careers market. Students also are given a deep understanding of the careers available to them not just in esports but across the entire video games ecosystem, with prizes on offer for shoutcasting, design and journalism.

Research by Digital Schoolhouse shows that to date, the programme has had a profoundly positive impact. The Esports: Engaging Education report found that almost all participating students reported an increased interest in computing, with the number of students more interested in studying computing rising by 40%. Additionally, 75% of students involved said they felt their communication skills improved and 79% said their team building skills improved. Some teachers also reported that cohorts of pupils that were usually uninterested in extra-curricular activities were engaged and encouraged by the programme.

With the tournament led by Digital Schoolhouse (DSH) and supported by Nintendo UK, it provides students the opportunity to meet and learn from influential industry leaders, allowing them to thrive in the tournament beyond competing as players. Previous students have fed back how the programme has not only successfully helped them secure admission at universities of their choice to study computing and video games related degree courses, but also build the smart skills needed to succeed in their professional life.

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