Detective Pikachu came out on the 3DS back in 2018, and the sequel is soon going to arrive on Switch. Fans have been waiting over 4 years to get their hands on Detective Pikachu Returns, and the wait comes to an end on Oct. 6th, 2023. Hopefully this sequel ends up being everything players have been hoping for and more.

While the sequel hasn’t even launched yet, we’re already seeing some chatter of another installment. While nothing is concrete at this point, Detective Pikachu Returns director Yasunori Yanagisaw mentioned in a interview that he has an interest in keeping the franchise going.

“For Detective Pikachu Returns, there is a nice cutoff point with Tim and Detective Pikachu’s story, but there is a desire to grow Detective Pikachu’s story. We’re hoping that there’s some continuation.”

[Detective Pikachu Returns director Yasunori Yanagisaw]

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