Mario Kart Tour came to mobile devices back on Sept. 25th, 2019. We’ve had 4 years of steady content updates for the game since, with the addition of new Tours, tracks, racers and more. Sadly, we now know that the end of that new content is right around the corner.

Nintendo has announced that the final round of new content for the game is set to arrive on Oct. 4th, 2023. That’s when Nintendo will introduce the Battle Tour to Mario Kart Tour. After that, the game will only offer content that players have previously seen.

Fans also have Sept. 20th, 2023 to look forward to, as that’s when the Anniversary Tour will go live. Between the Anniversary Tour and Battle Tour, hopefully players will find plenty to enjoy. Nintendo has given no explanation for their decision to end new content updates, but should they give some insight, we’ll make sure to share that with you.

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10M ago

And Nintendo whispered into the microphone: "Nine"

And all cheered


9M ago

Finally. I love getting new courses in 8 Deluxe but them being dumbed-down Tour versions was getting on my nerves.
Calling it now: Switch successor with either Mario Kart 9 or a new 3D Mario as a launch title with the other game following only 2 or 3 months later.


9M ago

I would not at all be surprised if Nintendo counts this as the 9th Mario Kart game and the next game is called Mario Kart 10 (or X, like what MK Wii was going to be called at one point). That would have the amusing side effect of appearing to skip 9 the way Microsoft did with Windows.


9M ago

And nothing of value was lost. I really really don't like Mario Kart Tour. I was so happy when they announced it, but once I played it, it felt so dreadful to control that I dropped it immediately.


9M ago


You don't need to call it since MK9 for Switch 2 launch has been rumoured for a long time now.
Apparently it will have some more focus on online play, but as long as it has great levels and SP and all I'm happy! =)