Back on August 10th, the developers behind Enchanted Portals announced that the game would come to Switch on Sept. 6th, 2023. That obviously hasn’t happened, and now the developer says the game will release ‘a few weeks later’ than expected. Once a specific release date is shared, we’ll bring that info to you.

Enchanted Portals, which has been favorably compared to Cuphead, tells the story of Bobby and Penny, two rookie magicians stuck between dimensions who will have to face numerous dangers in order to retrieve the Magic Book and be able to return home safely.

With catchy music, charming old-timey art, and non-stop comedy, Enchanted Portals is a co-op 2D platformer that will keep you on your toes. Whether you’re playing solo or with a friend, the magic never stops and the action is always fast-paced and whimsical. Join Bobby and Penny on their quest and see where the adventure takes you!

Enchanted Portal is a cooperative 2D platform game developed using Unreal Engine, created by a two-person Spanish studio, Xixo Games Studio. Enchanted Portals is also a recipient of the prestigious Epic Megagrant from Epic Games.

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