Starfield player recreates an Arwing from Star Fox

It's time to try our new weapon

12 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Xbox and PC gamers have been eating good lately, as the highly-anticipated Starfield has finally released. Millions of players are currently neck-deep in Bethesda’s latest adventure, exploring the depths of space and doing so in style.

The official Starfield account on X has been keeping track of what players are up to, and that includes trumpeting some custom ship builds. Starfield lets players stretch their imaginations by building a ship to pilot the stars with, and one player has decided to build a craft to make Nintendo fans pround.

As you can see above, Bethesda Quality Assurance team member Bucky Hoyle has spent some time building a tribute to the Star Fox franchise. Hoyle managed to come up with a design that looks pretty damn close to an Arwing from Star Fox, albeit with a bit more details, along with bells and whistles. Still, there’s no doubt Fox or the rest of the team would love to get behind the seat of this thing!

You can check out a few more pics of this build in the X post below.

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