Touhou: New World has been updated to Ver. 1.1.0, which introduces new features and more. You can see the complete patch notes for this update below.

Added a high difficulty option: ‘Bullet Hell Mode’.

  • Increases enemy barrage by ~2.
  • Increases enemies HP.
  • Increases amount of damage received.
  • Increases amount of EXP received.
  • HP no longer recover automatically over time. Instead, you get HP back each time one of your attacks lands.

Added Mystery Capsule dispenser in the General Store.

  • Purchasing a Mystery Capsule with in-game currency will give you one random item.

Improved dash.

  • Increased rate at which dash can be used.
  • Slightly increased dash speed.
  • Dashes are no longer interrupted when taking damage.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue causing wrong BGM to play at the end of Marisa’s story
  • Marisa’s boss music now plays.
  • Fixed issue causing the boss not to return after failing during the “Waterfall of Nine Heavens” boss battle.
  • Fixed various bugs.

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