F-ZERO 99 isn’t even a week old and we’re already hearing about new content on the way. That includes a confirmation of new tracks from Nintendo, and a rumor on new modes stemming from dataminers.

On the confirmed side of things, Nintendo has officially announced that new tracks are coming to F-ZERO 99 very soon. In particular, Queen League tracks will be added to the game in late September, while King League tracks are coming mid-October. Specifics on which tracks will be added were not shared.

On the dataminer side of things, it appears there’s some evidence of new modes in the works for F-ZERO 99 as well. Hiding deep in the game’s files are mentions of both “Arcade Mode” and “Survival Mode,” but details on each are light. Arcade Mode has a timer and ‘time gates,’ while there’s no information on Survival Mode at all.

Hopefully Nintendo confirms the existence of these new modes in the near future, but it’s good to know fresh content isn’t far off at all.

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