DANGEN Entertainment is thrilled to announce that it will be the official publisher for a new exciting title, Alina of the Arena, bringing this exceptional game to enthusiasts worldwide. Attendees of Tokyo Game Show 2023 will have the opportunity to get their hands on this game at the DANGEN Entertainment booth.

DANGEN Entertainment is excited to announce its partnership with PINIX Games to bring the critically acclaimed roguelike deck-building tactics game, Alina of the Arena, to Nintendo Switch in 2023. This eagerly awaited console release marks a significant milestone for Alina of the Arena, which previously captivated audiences on the PC platform.

Alina of the Arena is a mix of roguelike deck-building and tactics, combining the finest elements from each genre. Players are thrust into the role of Alina, a formidable female gladiator who must engage in relentless combat in front of a bloodthirsty crowd to survive, round by round.

Alina of the Arena’s unique appeal lies in its fusion of roguelike deck-building mechanics with hex-based strategy combat, going beyond the traditional notion of attack and defense. Through deck-building, equipment and power-ups, players are empowered to craft their own unique gladiator-like arsenal for Alina as they navigate through successively difficult battles, presenting fresh challenges with every run. To survive, players will need to employ a wide array of strategies, including various attacks, dodges, knockbacks, and even take advantage of the arena’s raucous crowd to endure and emerge victorious.

Alina of the Arena’s s hex-based tactics emphasizes strategic positioning over mere attack and defense. Players can outwit their adversaries by duping them into attacking each other, using the terrain, or even snatching up items thrown into the arena by the crowd to gain the upper hand, creating thrilling tactical showdowns.

One of the standout features of Alina of the Arena is its dual equipment system, allowing players to wield weapons and gear in both hands. Whether opting for the increased damage of dual-wielded daggers, the balanced performance of a sword and shield combo, or the sheer havoc of a two-handed weapon, the game challenges players to strategize and adapt their build to the battle at hand.

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