Developer Something We Made’s pictorial adventure, TOEM, is an expedition across a world populated by folks with all sorts of quirky problems ripe for the solvin’ — between snapshots, of course. It’s a charming romp through a hand-drawn landscape, meditative in its coziness and comfort. And now, you can own it on physical media.

In true iam8bit Physical Edition fashion, they’ve crafted a package so thematic, you’ll want to snap a few pics of it for your favorite photo album. Sure, it’s the complete game, on disc/cartridge, but open it up and you’ll find a special surprise inside — an assortment of character standees depicting some of your favorite friends from the world of TOEM! Take ‘em out in the wild and keep your photo tour going in the real world. And while you’re at it, tag iam8bit on instagram (@iam8bit) with some of your favorite shots, and they might just share ‘em!

And of course, a good photo tour just isn’t complete without the addition of some catchy tunes. From light acoustic diddies punctuated by whistle-filled choruses to whimsical electronic beats that would make a vintage Omnichord proud, TOEM’s music has all the plucky homemade charm of the game’s world, translated into pure audio bliss.

iam8bit jumped at the chance to immortalize composer Jamal Green’s soundtrack on 2xLP, pressed on classic black vinyl. They’ve also included, for your listening pleasure, a download code for the digital soundtrack. Pre-orders for both the TOEM physical edition and 2xLP vinyl soundtrack open 9/21 @ 9AM PT.

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