Picross e series hits 680k units sold

A puzzling update

19 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Jupiter, the developer behind the long-running Picross e series, has revealed a major sales milestone that was just achieved.

According to Jupiter, the entire Picross e series has managed to sell a whopping 680k units worldwide. This includes the combined sales of all games in the Picross e series, but specific breakdowns for each title were not shared.

Just last week, Jupiter announced Picross S+, a compilation of past Picross releases. This title will see release on Switch sometime in 2024. Picross S+ will include all nine 3DS Picross e releases that Jupiter distributed via the 3DS eShop. Those interested will be able to buy the base game for $5, and then the remaining Picross e titles will be made available as paid content updates. Each game will include 150 Picross and Mega Picross puzzles

Lastly, Picross S+ will include Picross e9, which is an entry that never saw release outside of Japan. Without a doubt, Picross S+ will be the most definitive collection of Picross titles ever released on Switch.


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