Miniature villages are maximum fun during the holidays, providing an opportunity to bring the spirit of celebration into your own home. In 2021, Pokémon Center created a fa-boo-lous Pokéween centerpiece with the launch of the Haunted Pokémon Village line consisting of four unique, hand-painted figures. The series is a nostalgic tribute to the tradition of assembling a festive village to celebrate the holidays—but with a whimsical Pokémon touch. This year, Pokémon Center is expanding the collection with the addition of four fabulous new figures. However, 2023 is also the final year that this collection will be offered at the current scale. Haunted Pokémon Village figures in the coming years will be produced at a smaller size, enabling fans to construct more elaborate villages while using less space.

Because this year marks a farewell to the Haunted Pokémon Village figures at their current scales, it seems fitting to pay tribute to these gourd-geous figures before they undergo a significant change. The 2023 figures include the Roserade Spooky Cinema, Rotom Power Plant, Mr. Mime Fun House, and Lycanroc Howling Hill. Each sculpture’s theme adds a unique touch to your larger Haunted Pokémon Village. For example, the Roserade Spooky Cinema has a strong connection to the Pokémon Center’s new Cinema Scares line, which pays homage to the beloved Halloween tradition of watching scary movies. You’ll find some of the artwork from the Cinema Scares posters on the walls of the cinema. The Mr. Mime Fun House is creepy in ways you never could have imagined, with the interior of Mr. Mime’s mouth visible in unnerving detail. Lycanroc Howling Hill calls to mind the holiday’s love of all things werewolf, and it might just inspire you to include a full moon in your village, just to give this Lycanroc in its midnight form something to bay at. And Alolan Grimer is apparently causing environmental damage at the Rotom Power Plant, which is not something you’d expect to find in a holiday village, proving that the Haunted Pokémon Village is one of a kind.

If you happened to miss out on figures from past years, Pokémon Center’s got you covered. You can find the Frillish Frightening Fountain, Oranguru Ancient Archives, and Pansage Creeping Vines Tea Shop at Pokémon Center. And while Lickitung Tasty Treats rounds out the Haunted Pokémon Village collection, sadly, it’s currently unavailable.

Once you’ve acquired the various figures that will make up your Pokémon Haunted Village, the big question is: what do you do with them? Sure, you could put them on the nearest shelf or table and they’d look festive and fun. But if you feel like going all out, there are plenty of opportunities to customize your village. In fact, building your village could be a fun, creative Pokéween activity with friends and family.

The key to building your village is to be creative, have fun, and make clever use of available materials and accessories. Here are some tips for making the most of your figures:

Create a compelling background behind and around your village using materials including fabric, decorated poster stock, faux cobwebs, or faux plants and vines.

Play with texture to develop realistic “ground” for your village. Moss, leaves, sand, straw, and rocks are all good choices, but the only limit is your imagination. Just be sure to place fabric or a plastic bag beneath your village so you don’t risk making a mess. Plenty of stores sell creepy black Halloween fabric for decorating that would be a perfect base for your village.

Accessorize your village with fun miniature accents like trees, lights, pumpkins, signs, tombstones, and more.

Tell a story. Each Haunted Pokémon Village figurine is packed with personality and follows a specific theme. But you can personalize your own village by adding your own figures and creating a unique narrative, whether humorous or horrific.

Add special effects like music, fog, or dramatic lighting.

For a realistic touch, use small boxes to vary the elevation in your haunted village. Cover the boxes in your base fabric and add moss, leaves, sand, straw, etc. to hide the box.

While it’s sad to say farewell to the Haunted Pokémon Village figures at their current sizes, it’s exciting to look forward to new figures equipped with LED lights that will tell new Pokéween stories and be an integral part of future holiday celebrations. Don’t forget to share your Pokémon Haunted Village for other fans to admire using #pokéween.

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