BeXide has announced a roguelike deckbuilder titled Yohane the Parhelion: NUMAZU in the MIRAGE, and it’s seeing release on Switch. The game is due out February 22nd, 2024 and includes English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese language support.

Over in Japan, there will be a standard physical version priced at 6,380 yen, along with a “Premium Box” limited edition that costs 14,960 yen. This limited edition includes a copy of the game, A4-size art book, one-disc soundtrack CD, one-disc original drama CD, clear card set, and a special box, as well as the first-print run downloadable content costume “Chick.” Finally, a Switch eShop version will also be available, priced at 4,950 yen.

You can get a complete breakdown of what Yohane the Parhelion: NUMAZU in the MIRAGE has to offer below.

Yohane the Parhelion is an official spin-off of Love Live! Sunshine. Yohane the Parhelion: NUMAZU in the MIRAGE is a deck-building rogue light set in that world. While working as a fortune teller in Numazu, Yohane spends her days with her friends. By chance, she comes into possession of an old mirror. Worried that her fortune-telling is not accurate, Yohane decides to play “Magic Mirror Fortune-Telling” using the mirror, Suddenly, she is sucked into the mirror, which begins to glow.

What she finds in the mirror is the “Ura-Numazu,” which is the exact reverse of the real Numazu! Moreover, it was a mysterious world where magic could be used with the power of cards. At the same time, strange things happen to the friends in the real world one after another. In order to save them, she must go through the “Ura-Numazu”! What awaits her?

A world of mirrors that changes its appearance every time she enters. After countless choices, what is the future that Yohane will choose? A new story begins in the other Numazu!

Key Features

Deck building and card battles in “Ura-Numazu” where magic can be used!

  • Adventure through Numazu in the mirror.
  • Explore Numazu in the mirror and use the cards you acquire to your advantage.
  • Aim for the deepest level of the “Ura-Numazu” by making full use of the cards you have obtained!

A wide range of deck construction with more than 100 types of cards!

  • Adventure through Ura-Numazu, collect cards, and build your own powerful deck!
  • Build the strongest deck of your own!

Summon your trusty friends with Summon Cards!

  • You can summon powerful friends in Ura-Numazu.
  • Summon Yohane’s friends to help you out in a pinch!

Endless maps with changing structures! Infinite ways to attack!

  • Once cleared, the map changes its structure every time you enter.
  • A bargain system that lets you play forever!

Charms to make you stronger than the strongest! Create your strength with Cards x Charms!

  • Charms” are items with powerful effects.
  • Combine them with cards to become more powerful than the strongest!

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10M ago

Game looks really good, very curious if it will have any depth.