Osyaberi! Horijyo! Gekihori launches on Switch today

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21 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

CLOUDS Play Company and First Press Games announce their collaboration on the localized international release of the Shoot ‘Em Up “Osyaberi! Horijyo! Gekihori” for Nintendo Switch, previously only available in the JP eShop. A free demo is available alongside today’s full game release. This international release includes all DLC with the main game.

Anna Holinski is a treasure hunter, keenly drilling for her shiny gems. But one morning, she is shocked to find that all minerals got stolen away by UFOs – It’s time to dig high, instead of deep, and catch those thieves from outer space!

Osyaberi! Horijyo! Gekihori is a cute Japanese Shoot ‘Em Up for Nintendo Switch that you can enjoy it at your very own pace: Play it with a friend, grind for upgrades and clear each stage one by one, if you are a beginner, or try to go for a one-try clear, get challenging achievements and unlock secrets, if you are a skilled arcade-expert!

Key Features:

  • Arcade-style gameplay, perfect to pick up & play
  • Suitable for beginners & experienced arcade-veterans alike
  • 2 different story campaigns, with multiple modes for each
  • Optional 2 player co-op with a friend
  • Hunt for high scores, secrets and achievements
  • Original Japanese voiceover, localized with subtitles
  • Available languages: English, German, Japanese

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