Final Exerion, an updated version of the 1983 arcade shooter ‘Exerion’, is coming to Switch today. Developed by City Connection and HappyMeal, this version features enhanced graphics, online ranking, and English Language Support.

Year 3000 of the Integration era. The invasion from outer space of genetically mutant monsters called “Gene Beast” put Earth in unprecedented danger.

As a countermeasure, the Earth Protection Army completed the Ex Fighter, an ultra-state-of-art fighter with forbidden technology excavated from ancient ruins.

Our mission now is to claim Earth back from the Gene Beasts!

Instruction panel: An instruction panel is available in-game. Just like before in good old game centers.

Online ranking: In Normal and Hard difficulty, the online ranked mode is available.

Languages: You can play in Japanese or in English. The demo manga featured in the game is also available in English.

Volume options: You can change the BGM and SE volume as you like.

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