RPG parenting sim "Volcano Princess" announced for Switch

Our excitement is boiling over

21 September 2023
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Developed by Egg Hatcher and distributed by Gamera Games, the RPG-parenting sim game Volcano Princess announced during the Gamera Games Now Tokyo Game Show 2023 special program that will come to the Nintendo Switch!

After its release on Steam, Volcano Princess has already surpassed 600,000 downloads and has been universally acclaimed, with an Overwhelmingly Positive (97%) score on Steam. To allow more players to experience the joy of raising a daughter, the development team announced the creation of a Nintendo Switch version.

Set in a classic medieval backdrop, players will have to raise their daughters in a world of swords and magic. Not only will you face various challenges during your daughter’s growth, but you’ll also need to prepare for ongoing challenges against demonic forces. As the leader of the demons, the Owl Princess, starts to become active again unknown currents begin to stir, awaiting your discovery.

In your daughter’s life, there are various choices to make. Each choice along her life’s path changes the direction of her growth, leading her to different outcomes. The game offers players more than 50 possible endings, with over 20 based on emotional paths. Within the game, there are numerous development routes and dozens of ways to raise your daughter, including farming, cooking, fishing, gambling, dueling, drama, dancing, horse racing, and backstreets. You can raise your daughter according to your own preferences.

What destiny will your daughter follow? Create her story in Volcano Princess to achieve a unique ending.


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