The first two episodes of the Hello Neighbor cartoon have been available for quite some time now, and fans have been wondering when they’ll get to see what happens next. Thankfully, we learned today that episodes 3 through 6 will be launching in the very near future.

Hello Neighbor’s 3rd animated episode is set to make its debut on October 7th, 2023, and it kicks off a whole month of episodes to look forward to. Each weekend in October, Hello Neighbor fans can expect to see a new episode in the series, rounding out a 6-episode season one by the time October ends.

Hello Neighbor: Welcome to Raven Brooks focuses on the new girl in the neighborhood, Trinity, who moves in across the street from creepy neighbor, Mr. Peterson and quickly befriends Nicky, who is already obsessed with finding out what horrific secrets are hiding in Peterson’s basement. They enlist their less courageous friends to join them in their terrifying stealth missions to help rescue whatever is trapped in that horror house basement.

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