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22 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The sequel to Mermaid Castle, also developed by IceTorch Interactive, is now available on Switch. The game will normally be available on the Switch eShop for $9.99, but is discounted to $7.99 until October 2nd. So don’t wait and grab it cheaper while you can!

Join the mermaid sisters - Ava, Luna, and Nixie - on their new underwater adventure! Rebuild their castle and discover the secret of Evil Magic that has stricken the mermaid land!

The sisters will embark on an exciting journey that will test their bond and skills. They must work together to pass 40 challenging levels across 10 different locations, such as dark undersea depths, frosty waters, marshy rivers, and sunken cities.

Throughout their journey, the three mermaids will face different enemies. Scary marine creatures, hostile fish, sharp anchors, and poisonous anemones - these, and more, are waiting to harm any travelling soul.

The path will often be blocked by planks, rock blocks, and gates. To solve a puzzle and find a way to pass these obstacles, the player will need to switch between the three sisters, as they all have a unique magic ability. The in-game encyclopedia, which contains all the knowledge about sea creatures, obstacles, and abilities, will also help with that!

Even though the mermaid castle has been destroyed by evil powers, not all hope is lost! The friendly octopus has offered all her tentacles to rebuild it, but she needs lots of building materials and paints, and those aren’t cheap. So free shiny starfish from rusty cages, search for treasure chests, and collect as many gold coins as you can!

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